Cat Team 7 is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to relocate and re-home cats living on Naval Station Norfolk. Our team traps, spays or neuters, and re-homes these cats with the help of dedicated volunteers and monetary donations. Why is re-homing these cats so important? All of the cats and kittens living on base face life-threatening circumstances such as tropical storms and hurricanes, snow, and severe heat. In addition, it is illegal to provide food or water to these desperate felines, forcing them to scavenge and making them more susceptible to disease.

Most kittens — and even some adult cats — rescued by Cat Team 7 are able to be fostered, socialized, and eventually adopted into loving homes. All are fully vetted, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered prior to adoption, ensuring that each cat is afforded the brightest possible future as a healthy, thriving forever companion.