Photo credit Dave Zelinski

Romeo and Juliet are living proof that barn homes SAVE LIVES. Found cold and starving at Naval Station Norfolk, this bonded pair was desperately trying to protect a litter of 3-day-old kittens. Sadly, out of a litter of 5, only two kittens survived. Mama and papa willingly stepped aside as volunteers swept in and rushed the survivors to an ER vet for immediate treatment, seemingly understanding that these strangers were their only shot at survival. The series of events that followed is a testament to not only the selflessness and determination of our volunteers, but to the strength and resilience of these amazing cats.

Over the next several weeks, numerous attempts were made to rescue mama and papa — dubbed Romeo and Juliet by our volunteers due to their unwavering bond. Romeo was the first to be rescued. Once vetted and neutered, he was moved to an amazing outdoor home, offered by a true cat lover who understood his unique plight. As he acclimated to his new surroundings, he could often be heard crying for his lost love, Juliet.

Weeks passed and Juliet proved more and more elusive. She, too, cried out for her Romeo, but remained wary of her rescuers. Finally, after countless attempts, Juliet was rescued. Shortly after her spay surgery, she was reunited with her love… their reunion was something our volunteers will never forget. Flash forward nearly two years, Romeo and Juliet are thriving in their new outdoor home! While Juliet continues to be wary of humans, Romeo has built a true friendship with his caretakers, even enjoying occasional pets and scratches! Their two surviving kittens are thriving as well — bottle raised by dedicated volunteers, they, too, were adopted into a loving home. Want to be a part of a real-life fairytale?? Learn more about our barn cat program!